Quality Policy

A  quality is an attribute or a property characteristic of an object in philosophy.[1] In contemporary philosophy the idea of qualities, and especially how to distinguish certain kinds of qualities from one another, remains controversial.

Aristotle analyzed qualities in his logical work, the Categories. To him, qualities are hylomorphically–formal attributes, such as “white” or “grammatical”. Categories of state, such as “shod” and “armed” are also non–essential qualities Aristotle observed: “one and the selfsame substance, while retaining its identity, is yet capable of admitting contrary qualities. The same individual person is at one time white, at another black, at one time warm, at another cold, at one time good, at another bad. This capacity is found nowhere else… it is the peculiar mark of substance that it should be capable of admitting contrary qualities; for it is by itself changing that it does so”.Aristotle described four types of qualitative opposites: correlatives, contraries, privatives and positives.

We are committed to quality compliances in all our deliverables. Consistent and Continuous Quality Management. The Management is fully committed to Quality and ensures all resources to accomplish this task.

We value our 4C’s- Compliance, Credibility, Consistency and Confidentiality.

At DRF, Quality is a relentless commitment to continuous improvements in processes and systems, to provide consistent quality services to meet our customer requirements.

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