Why Young Athletes May Benefit From a Good Protein Shake

For parents of young athletes, nutrition is always a matter of great concern. You want your child to get the best so that they can perform to their maximum potential. One of the most vital ingredients for young athletes is protein. It is important to understand that children who are active and athletic need more protein in comparison to other children of the same age who aren’t.

Most young athletes choose good quality protein drinks for kids like GritzoSupermilk as it is loaded with other important nutrients like calcium and electrolytes. Protein shakes are precisely calculated to match the additional requirement of active children. They are also a quick and easy source to get a good dose of this nutrient.

How Much Protein Do Young Athletes Need?

There are several factors that determine how much protein is enough for an active child. This includes the age and gender of the child. Studies show that athletic children need about two to three times more protein than their peers.

The exact requirement of protein varies from one child to the other. However, this is a great thumb rule to understand how much extra protein your child will need each day. You can also decide what is the best protein for child growth in order to fulfil these requirements.

Why Do Athletic Children Need More Protein?

A kids protein drink is not just to build muscle but to keep the child energetic all day long. When they are growing, children derive 10-30 percent of their calories from proteins. With athletic children, you need to consider two things. The fact that their body is constantly on the move and that it is growing at the same time. Therefore, the intake must be higher.

Proteins are also required for muscle recovery. With strenuous movement, the muscles undergo some wear and tear. Although very minute these tears tend to leave the muscles feeling sore and tired. The amino acids derived from the best protein for child growth are the only option to help repair these tears. This helps your child perform better and also prevents him or her from getting tired too quickly while training.

Lastly, protein gives the child a long-lasting energy source. As mentioned above, proteins provide a major portion of the daily required calorie intake. In addition to this, the proteins digest much slower than carbohydrates which are the best-known energy source. As a result, your child feels energetic throughout the day. It also helps them endure very long hours of training as they become more advanced in their sport.

Are Protein Shakes Safe?

World over, young athletes use protein shakes like Gritzo Supermilk Teen Athletes. These drinks are specially formulated to meet the requirements of children based on their age. They follow all the necessary safety standards with respect to the composition of the ingredients.

That said, you need to remember that protein shakes must only supplement your child’s diet. It is not a replacement for natural protein sources like eggs, meat and milk. It is only an option for you to bridge the gaps in your child’s diet.

For instance, if you follow a primarily vegetarian diet, your child may have limited sources of protein in his or her diet. In this case, choosing the best protein for child growth and development is beneficial for your child.

When you are choosing a protein shake, here are some precautions that you can take to make sure that it does not have any adverse effects on your child’s health:

  • Make sure that there are no potential allergens in the formula.
  • The sugar sources should be natural for best results.
  • Avoid whey proteins for children who are lactose intolerant.
  • The best protein for child growth is one that has fewer ingredients in the nutritional label.

When to Give My Child A Protein Shake?

For athletic kids, protein is only beneficial when it is distributed throughout the day. Using a kids protein drink as a snack or a post-training drink works best. It keeps your child energized. It is also an instant source of nourishment after long hours of training.

For a carefully formulated and tasty protein drink for your little one, GritzoSupermilk is a great option. This health drink is specially made for active and athletic children and includes other essential nutrients like calcium and electrolytes as well.

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